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Essential Information for the New Year

by Purple Wyrm on January 4, 2016

Why is life so mysterious? It wasn’t, until George Washington broke the seal on the Oak Island money pit and released the ancient spirit of evil known as “Walt Disney”. Thanks George! What lessons from the Bible can be applied (…)

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More Information that You Strictly Require

by Purple Wyrm on July 3, 2014

What is the scariest fact you know? Hiding inside your body, right at this very minute, is a spooky skeleton. What do you think causes autism? Underground mole men zapping pregnant women with beam-rays to bring about the downfall of (…)

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All Your Questions Answered

by Purple Wyrm on February 12, 2014

What was the first meme ever created? Put a rock on your head and walk like Ugg does. It became popular during the spring of 38,423 BC, but was completely played out by late summer. What actually happened to JFK? (…)

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