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Links to various other sections of the Wyrmsphere…

Wyrmworld – Obstentiously Denys’s main website, although the Wyrmlog tends to get the most attention these days.

Tales of the Geek Underclass – The tales of Denys’s disreputable youth. Badly in need of some new content and a complete layout revision.

Guide to Zurvár – The language, culture and history of the Zurvár people.

Abandoned in Perth – Denys’s pathetic attempts at Urban Exploration.

FreakWiki – A community wiki cataloguing Warren Ellis’s compelling FreakAngels. For “community” read “Denys,  because no one else can apparently be buggered” 😉


Oh, Dear God…Denny’s have a “Hobbit” menu..

Build Your Own Hobbit Slam®NEW! Hobbit Hole BreakfastNEW! Shire Sausage Skillet NEW! Frodo’s Pot Roast SkilletNEW! The Ring Burger Gandalf’s Gobble MeltDwarves’ Turkey & Dressing DinnerNEW! Lonely Mountain Treasure NEW! Radagast’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies®NEW! Bilbo’s Berry SmoothieNEW! Lone-Lands Campfire Cookie Milk Shake

by Martin C on November 13, 2012 at 10:43 AM. Reply #

Gandalf’s Gobble Melt? Can’t say I ever expected him to be a conjurer of cheap snacks…

On a more serious note I dread to think what Hungry Jacks (or whoever gets the license) is going to start shilling down here when the movie comes out.

by Purple Wyrm on November 13, 2012 at 2:24 PM. Reply #

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