Little Damn Heroes

You know it’s a shame that All Yours by Metric is associated with bloody-wooby-crap-sparkly-vampire movies, because it’s actually a fantastic love song.

Had to take Friday off work with a migraine headache. It was annoying because I was about five minutes from work when it hit, so I had no choice but to go in and try and do some work despite not being able to see properly (coding is pretty hard when half the characters keep popping in and out of visibility). After an hour I gave up, went home and slept until mid afternoon, at which point I was able to dose myself up on painkillers enough to do some work around the house.

On the plus side my extremely indulgent order from Quantum Mechanix came in. I am now the proud owner of a Firefly, and a limited edition Claudia-from-Warehouse-13 maquette (number 988 of 1000). The Firefly is sitting on my bookshelf, and Claudia is sitting by my monitor where she will (hopefully) keep my computer running more efficiently.

Finally big congrats to Helen and Rob on the safe arrival of Sebastian Robert. Here’s hoping you’re both getting enough sleep 😀

Live! From Sydney!

Live in Sydney!

I have safely arrived in Sydney and am happily ensconced in my quite swanky hotel. I’ll be heading out shortly for a ghost tour in the rocks, and also to find some lunch, as the only things I’ve eaten all day were two ham sandwiches at 3:30am and a small bag of those grain chip things. On the upside I watched three episodes of Warehouse 13 on the plane – which just made the time fly.

Warehouse 23 13

Yeah, like I’d actually call her…

Caught a couple of episodes of Warehouse 13 last night for the first time.

I’ve been meaning to check the series out for a while, it’s been getting a fair amount of good press online and hence has been sitting in the back of my head as something to watch out for. So when Channel Seven announced (with a slight amount of fanfare) last week that they were putting it on at 8:30 Sunday nights I jumped at the opportunity (sorry Spielberg, Terra Nova is quite good, but not quite enough for me to obsessively reserve its timeslot).

So, having watched two episodes last night, I have a number of questions…

What’s with starting with episodes 8 and 9 rather than 1 and 2?
The most likely explanation of course is that they’ve quietly played the previous 7 episodes in some graveyard slot and all they’ve done now is promote the show up to the top rank by moving it to Sundays, but it’s a bit disconcerting to have all these ads promoting this great new series only to drop new viewers right in the middle of the first season without warning.

Why was the pre-credits teaser cut from Episode 9?
It would have been a lot easier to understand the episode if we’d seen the intro. Was it a typically pathetic attempt to run the two episodes together into a continuous “Movie Length Episode”, or just general incompetence?

Why did the Studio 54 Mirror Ball play generic disco music rather than I Will Survive?
Yeah, I know, probably a syndication licensing thing…

What – if any – is the connection with Steve Jackson Games and their GURPs Warehouse 23 from back in the 90s?
It’s exactly the same idea with a different number.

Why are the Communicators called ‘Farnsworths’ rather than ‘Logie-Bairds’?
Zing! 🙂

Where can I get Allison Scagliotti’s phone number?

All that aside, I found the show quite entertaining – even if the science was abominable – and will keep tuning in for as long as Seven deign to air it at a reasonable hour – which will probably be for about two weeks at which point it won’t have beaten Terra Nova in the ratings so they’ll swap it out for So You Think You Can Juggle Chainsaws America or whatever their next guaranteed ratings winner is.