Eater of Pumpkins

So I was all ready to write up a humorous screed this morning about how Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater is clearly a story about a man who murders his wife and that we shouldn’t be reading such things to children, when I discovered that it actually is.

Older variations of the rhyme feature men who shove their unwanted wives up chimneys, or let mice eat them to death. Shoving her into a pumpkin is almost tame by comparison.

Honestly, with all this scholarship it’s getting so you can’t make a simple joke about folklore anymore!

Underbelly Maylands

Murders in Maylands

The trains were running late this morning and the one I was on was halted for quite some time at Maylands station while a pair of cops searched it up and down.

Turns out there’s been a double murder just near the station and the whole area is completely locked down. The cops were looking to see if the alleged killer was trying to escape via the rails.

Scary stuff! Not to mention the that I was late for work!

(What’s the odds that there’s Bikie involvement?)

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