Heat Output

Five guys, six computers, ten monitors and one doorway. Something’s gotta give…

The air conditioning is broken. It is 28.1° Celsius in the office. We have two desktop fans, one free-standing fan and an evaporative cooler running in an attempt to bring the temperature down. It’s like working in a tropical cyclone.

I know I said I don’t have cancer earlier, but if these working conditions continue, I may well catch it.

Later: We’ve just got another free-standing fan. The temperature is a balmy 26.9.

My Personal Hell, Where I Roast in my Shell

Roast in my shell?

It’s that wonderful time of year when it’s cold enough outside for the air conditioning to set itself to heat, but warm enough for the office not to be able to naturally shed the heat that builds up from four guys and six computers working in close proximity.

Result? Sauna time!


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