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State Tax Dodging Charges

by Purple Wyrm on September 25, 2015

Hi On Wednesday colleagues received public investigation order dispatched by Internal Revenue Rervice. Authorities are incriminating You tax evasion that is allegedly a serious crime and most probably would lead to grave consequences. Attached kindly see scanned copy of the (…)

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OK then…

by Purple Wyrm on December 3, 2014

From an email that was sent to one of our clients (emphasis mine)… I tried to unsubscribe and the message came back that I wasn’t in the database. This might be because I have never subscribed in the first place (…)

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What does a Middle Eastern Flag look like anyway?

by Purple Wyrm on November 22, 2011

Oh you gotta watch out for those foreign students with their Middle Eastern flags!

Being Australian: A Response

by Purple Wyrm on July 19, 2011



by Purple Wyrm on July 12, 2011


Your Weekly Spam Report

by Purple Wyrm on July 8, 2011

Oim takin’ this ta tha Proim Minista!