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Urban Reflections

by Purple Wyrm on July 29, 2018

A few weeks back I needed to do some banking. Given that this is the 21st century and I’m not completely out of touch with the new information super highway style of doing business I handle most of my banking (…)

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You got Perthed!

by Purple Wyrm on March 30, 2015

Discovered today that the girl that one of my coworkers is starting to get serious with was one of my classmates back at high school. This city is way too small sometimes.

Sarah, Say it Ain’t So

by Purple Wyrm on February 21, 2012

Currently there’s a thread up on a board I frequent where people are sharing music via the wonder of YouTube. While perusing said thread I came across this piece by Nick Drake (who’s Nick Drake? Shame on you!) While listening (…)

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