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A Televisual Feast

by Purple Wyrm on May 4, 2014

As inspired by Reddit, some TV shows from my childhood… The Goodies: Kitten Kong, Frankenfido, Apartheight, Clown Gas, Black Beauty, Timita, The Funky Gibbon, Rolf Harris – back in the 80s every Australian kid watched these guys religiously. Monkey: If (…)

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500 XP for Dancing on the Table

by Purple Wyrm on July 10, 2013

Speaking as a veteran Dungeons and Dragons player and Dungeon Master, I can confirm that this is exactly what game sessions are like… I can’t count the number of times I ordered my players to murder small children! I’d like (…)

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Power Down Under

by Purple Wyrm on April 6, 2012

Since we seem to be on a kick of posting songs rather than writing anything, here are some fantastic Australian tracks from the 1980s that you might have forgotten… The Church – I’m Almost With You Mondo Rock – Cool (…)

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