The Voice

Tomorrow we discover what force rules the soul of the Australian people – inclusivity, fairness and decency, or fear, ignorance, disinformation and racism.

I won’t stop hoping for a miracle, but all the polls indicate it will be the latter.

But hey! If ‘no’ wins at least we’ll all be safe from the United Nations taking our houses, or whatever other stupid shit is circulating on social media!

Bound for Glory

Oh, he’s Angry…

So, Angry Anderson has joined the National Party, and is (apparently) standing for election on the platform that climate change is a fraud, cooked up by the United Nations to bring about One World Government and usher in the New World Order.

Who gave that man an internet connection!? đŸ™‚

But seriously, what does this say about the Nationals? That they’re willing to accept a bit of crazy, conspiracist bullshit if it’ll net them the “star power” of an ageing rocker? Or that high ups in the party actually believe said crazy, conspiracist bullshit?

Neither is really a good look.

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