Rampage Mode Activated

I was shocked and appalled today to discover today that the two hour long mix of retro synth-wave compiled by the Prime Thanatos that I’ve been using to get me through the work day has been taken down due to copyright claims. Outrageous! I mean there’s plenty of other two hour long mixes of retro synth-wave compiled by the Prime Thanatos, but how am I to activate rampage mode, without the assistance of that first retro synth-wave track, the name and artist of which I completely failed to note down?

So it was time to get my google-fu on.

In short order I was able to locate an archived page that, while it didn’t have the particular mix on it, had the track listing. And hence I was able to identify the track as the 2017 remix of Way Farer by SUNG and subsequently activate rampage mode successfully.

Along the way I also noted down this fine effort, the Dance with the Dead remix of Scandroid’s Neo Tokyo.

And for those of you who aren’t into retro synth-wave… I don’t know what to tell ya!.

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