Election Day, Say Hooray

Do all your shopping at Walmart!

Well, today’s the US Election, when we’ll see if the leadership of the free world (TM) is seized by the evil usurper Romney, or retained by the evil incumbent Obama.

(Personally I’m hoping for the evil incumbent)

For those needing a refresher on their Presidents, here’s Jonathon Coulton’s wonderful song on the matter…

(Note that this is the original 2005 version that doesn’t include Obama or the correct year of Garfield’s assassination)

Let freedom ring people!

All Hail President President

Jimmy Goose was by far the best.

For a history nerd such as myself, this is hilarious…

For normal people probably not so much đŸ™‚

Although it kind of ruins the joke, I compiled a list of the ‘Presidents’ for my own satisfaction, and repeat it here…

1. George Washington
2. John Aaronson
3. Terry Montrose
4. Hudson McLavoie
5. Jim Stand
6. Bruce K. Tedesco
7. Jimmy Goose
8. Lucas Brokus
9. Plugman M. Tucks
10. Alan Diamond
11. Tex O’Keef
12. Nolan Shack
13. Angus W. Crowe
14. Gepetto Corrigan
15. Liam F. Stitches
16. Jackson Graft
17. Houston van Austin
18. Doug Wobble
19. Geoffrey Risenburg
20. Geoffrey Savinkus
21. Geoffrey Dolby
22/24. Geoffrey Stuckmeyer
23. Geoffrey Simms
25. Governor Mark Whitford
26. Buddy Knox
27. William Jefferson Clinton
28. Joe Montanac
29. Unknown
30. Daniel Flintstone (Boo!)
31. Bernard H. Stuckey
32. Christopher Tigus
33. Limpton Quick
34. Jonathan T. President
35. Leo Smoot
36. Steven W. Spooner Junior
37. Roy Wizzle
38. Charlie Angel
39. Arck Ack
40. Neill K. Sputterman
41. Oliver Paltrow
42. Sweeney Patch
43. Gary Question
44. Mark Ruth

(Later – It seems that my list has become the standard one being copied around the blogosphere. Unfortunately I’ve made some updates to it since it was originally copied. Fascinating…)

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