Sweet Liquor Eases the Pain

Goddamn I love codeine!

That sounds good doesn’t it? What I actually mean is that my shoulder (which has been problematic for years) has really been playing up for the last couple of days and making my life a misery. I popped into the pharmacy this morning, bought some codeine and now I can actually use my left arm without feeling like someone’s been hammering nails into my scapula.

Now of course, I’m being careful. Codeine is one of those drugs that you don’t mess around with. It actually only does what it does because your body metabolises it into morphine (assuming you have the correct genes of course – some individuals lack the requisite enzymes and hence codeine does nothing for them), and we all know how badly that stuff can mess you up. I also have what is commonly referred to as an addictive personality type, so I’m generally reluctant to break out the serious medication without carefully watching what I do with it. But hey, for now my pain is relieved and I’m a much happier chapie.

(I’ll let you know if I feel any sudden urges to wrestle octopuses…)

Oh yeah, new heir to the throne and such. Boo! Hooray! Boo! Hooray! Call me when you’re finished…

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