Midnight Lullaby

Robert Smith’s unexpected vocal clone

On the radio this morning there was a discussion about people suffering from musical confusion – you know, when you think a song is by one artist and it turns out to be by another? One of the stories that came up was from someone who went to a party where everyone except him insisted that Come on Eileen was by…. wait for it… The Cure.


This was so gobsmackingly ridiculous that I couldn’t believe it. I mean can you imagine Robert Smith, in dungarees, strutting along singing Eileen! Too-ra-taloo-ri-ay! ? But then they played a bit of it, and blow me down if the lead singer of Dexys Midnight Runners (a certain Kevin Rowland, Wikipedia informs me) doesn’t sound exactly like Robert Smith!

Have a listen for yourself, it’s freaking uncanny!

If your main exposure to the Cure was Friday I’m in Love then it’s probably not such a stretch to attribute Eileen to them as well.

You learn something every day!

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