It Begins

My landline is being very erratic. Telstra are going to come look at it, then decide whether they’re going to charge me for coming to look at it. Don’t know how often I’ll be able to hop online over the weekend, but it seems to be holding for now.

In any case, we’ve started on the road to H.O.L with the proposed foundation of Church and Munch.

Golden arches: Businessman wants to build McDonald’s in a church

A FAST-FOOD lovin’ entrepreneur has come up with a unique idea to entice people back into the Church.

Build a McDonald’s in it.

Paul Di Lucca’s McMass Project aims to get the congregation back by turning communion into a Happy Meal.

I believe there was a ‘rave church’ in London in the 90’s that offered communion in the form of consecrated Big Macs, but this really cuts out the middle man. Break out your Sponks!

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