Good to See

Asylum of the Daleks premiered on Australian TV on Saturday night. Not the best season opener ever, but major props to whoever came up with that giant Dalek building on Skaro, and even more major props to whoever slipped a Special Weapons Dalek into one of the shots. Woooo Special Weapons Dalek!

That’s all I’ve got to say.

I’m Back Baby!

I’m back. Well, I’ve actually been back since Thursday afternoon, I just haven’t got around to making a post about it. As I kind of suspected, my hard drive was to blame. It was on the verge of complete failure, so I needed to get a new one put in and Windows reinstalled from scratch. Bwah.

On the upside, the machine now seems to be running beautifully. Thanks to semi-regular backups and that Ubuntu disk I mentioned I don’t seem to have lost any serious data – just my iTunes playlists and ratings, which is a pain, but not a major one.

On a completely different subject, I know I’m completely behind the curve on this one, but isn’t the opening sequence of Games of Thrones astonishing?

Back to work tomorrow. Bwah 🙁


Bwah! My computer has decided to die, right in the middle of my two weeks off work. This happens now and then, but I can usually manage to resuscitate it – this time? No dice 🙁

I’m currently accessing the Wyrmlog (and the net in general) via a Ubuntu live disc I had sitting around. This should at least let me backup some stuff before taking the box into the shop. But once I make that move, I’ll have no net access at all.

So if you need to contact me – phone. If you don’t know my phone number it’s 08 9…

No, I’m not that dumb :). If you don’t know my phone number you’ll just have to wait for my glorious return.

Whenever that may be. *sigh*

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