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State Tax Dodging Charges

by Purple Wyrm on September 25, 2015

Hi On Wednesday colleagues received public investigation order dispatched by Internal Revenue Rervice. Authorities are incriminating You tax evasion that is allegedly a serious crime and most probably would lead to grave consequences. Attached kindly see scanned copy of the (…)

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This Complex Modern World

by Purple Wyrm on October 31, 2014

According to my email inbox this morning… * My Home Rate may be lowered to 2.76% * My Trans Union Equifax score may have been updated (my trans-union-what now?) * I have limited time to enroll in Medicare * I (…)

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The Trust Game

by Purple Wyrm on May 13, 2014

Just got an email from the FBI informing me that the FBI agents I’m (apparently)  dealing with to obtain the money I’m (apparently) owed by the Nigerian Government as compensation for all the money I (apparently) lost to 419 scammers (…)

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God Bless You Akismet

by Purple Wyrm on November 24, 2012

Over the last few months, the Wyrmlog has been getting more and more comment spam. I’ve been deleting it as it comes in, but when I got up yesterday to find 83 c0mments, all linking off to cialis and (for (…)

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Lovely Spam

by Purple Wyrm on July 5, 2012

Enhance your Ewactwy Wo-um!

Your Weekly Spam Report

by Purple Wyrm on July 8, 2011

Oim takin’ this ta tha Proim Minista!