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The Austrian Govmint’s Pleen Pickaging Loh Ex Spearmint

by Purple Wyrm on June 9, 2016

Oh, this is something special! That could possibly be an Australian, if they had a smoking induced stroke. You have to wonder, if Plain Packaging is such a failure then why is the tobacco industry spending millions of dollars funding (…)

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Too Much Turkey

by Purple Wyrm on December 26, 2015

Ack! Long time no blog. Pushing through to the end of the working year drained me to the point where I was running on fumes with just enough energy to make it through each day without complete mental and emotional (…)

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Hark! A Well Employed and Housed Gentleman:

by Purple Wyrm on October 28, 2015

Title: “SWEDISH” Panel 1: A Victorian gentleman in a cape and top hat is walking up the steps of a well-to-do house in foggy olde London Town. Panel 2: Now inside, the gentleman speaks – somewhat furtively – to a (…)

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