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The Pony Problem

by Purple Wyrm on March 27, 2013

The other week, this happened… The Internet—the global system of interconnected networks that’s become an increasingly central means of commerce and communication capable of bringing far-flung civilizations together—reached its apex this week, after a man claiming to be the fiancé (…)

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A Dark Place

by Purple Wyrm on January 14, 2012

So, am I sailing the ocean blue, heading for adventures in New Zealand? No, I am not. I am sitting in my apartment in Perth wallowing in a nasty combination of embarrassment, humiliation, disappointment, anger and worry about how much (…)

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That’s better…

by Purple Wyrm on September 27, 2010

OK, my blog is now starting to look more like I want it to. Need to get that header sorted out, and rearrange the sidebar a bit, then I might finally be satisfied. In my perambulations around the net the (…)

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