10 Foods Doctors say You should Never Eat!

by Purple Wyrm on March 30, 2016

1: Arsenic 2: Potassium Cyanide 3: Raw Sewage 4: Styrofoam 5: Lego 6: Fulminate of Mercury 7: Tyre rubber 8: Drain Cleaner 9: Urinal Cakes 10: Glass

Campbell Country

by Purple Wyrm on March 27, 2016

Of late, thanks to an absolutely insane game of Arkham Horror we played up at Fabes’ place using every expansion, I’ve been renewing my familiarity with the Cthulhu Mythos works of English horror writer Ramsey Campbell. Campbell is interesting because (…)

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Hunting for Witches

by Purple Wyrm on March 16, 2016

You know, I really feel bad for the right wing of the Liberal Party. The review they demanded into the Safe Schools program has turned out to be a balanced and fair investigation instead of the ideologically fueled witch hunt (…)

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Climate Considerations

by Purple Wyrm on March 15, 2016

I was surprised recently to discover that back in the late 80’s the middle eastern country of Bahrain put a lot of time and money into developing a resource hub (ie: oil refinery) on the British island of South Georgia. (…)

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