My Own Personal Superpower!

I can hear things you’ll never hear!

I love the internet.

Thanks to this Boing Boing article I am now aware that it’s not normal to hear the following things…

One’s own heartbeat when at rest
One’s eyes moving in their sockets
The creak of one’s own joints and vertebrae
Ones own footsteps transmitted through one’s skeleton
One’s chewing and digestion
A deafening roaring and ringing noise every time one yawns

…and since I can hear those things it’s almost certain that I have Superior Canal Dehiscence – a deformation of the bones around the ear which allows me to perceive all kinds of interesting body noises that normal people are deaf to. How cool is that!?

Of course I should hardly be surprised at any weirdness going on with my ears – they’re so messed up that it’s a minor miracle I can hear anything at all, let alone the inner workings of my own body. Happily I seem to be mostly free of the rest of the nasty symptoms listed on the Wikipedia page. It’ll be an interesting point to raise with my GP next time I see him though!