Cut it back to half an hour. That’s what I’d do.

Why not just stick with the lyrics as written? That’s TV execs for you…

Channel Ten’s much vaunted comedy quiz show Talking ‘Bout Your Generation premiered last night. My thoughts on it are as follows…

The opening credits and music were mildly entertaining.

Shaun Micallef did an OK job as host, although a lot of the jokes were a bit forced.

The whole thing was pretty slow paced. Hopefully it’ll speed up in later episodes.

That’s Ruby Rose? She’s cute! And… famously gay. But hey, if a guy can’t fantasise about completely unobtainable relationships he might as well give up, slick back his hair and join Amway.

The Grand Theft Auto joke was fantastic.

So while I wasn’t overwhelmed I’ll give it another chance and tune in next week. If it’s still as stumbling and slow paced though it won’t get a third.

Dom Deluise is dead. That sucks 🙁

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